Lighting Showcase!

If you’ve been watching my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and indeed, my previous posts on this blog, (see left sidebar for all the links!) you’ll have figured out that I’m specializing in some very exciting lighting concepts!  And … I’m targeting Toronto’s diverse and rich restaurant industry.

Here’s what I mean, with more to follow below:


I’ve been doing lighting applications – both stained glass and fused –  for some time now.  In fact I have a category on this blog for my fused glass lighting works and another for my stained glass lighting works.  You may enjoy a look at how my style has evolved over the last 20 years.

What inspired me to specialize in art glass lighting?

Because I’m so very taken aback at the lack of lighting design quality I see in the Toronto restaurant scene. (There are certainly exceptions!)

I think it’s a result of something very simple in many cases: lighting is one of the last things installed on a project, and budgets often get squeezed at their end! Clients end up buying ready available and inexpensive, mass produced lighting from mass retailers.

Yet lighting is one of the most noticeable, dramatic, exciting and mood-setting components of the “stage” all restaurateurs seek to create.

Sconce lamp in a similar theme as my Saddle Lamp above.

Bring me and/or your Designer in at the beginning of your renovation project:  I can design something truly unique, artistic yet functional for your entrance, eating, entertainment areas.  And … with a set price you can be assured won’t exceed your budget.

Here is more of my latest fused lighting works to give you a better idea how dramatic they can be.   Please see on for what I mean ….

These are just samples, as I generally take ideas from my clients and create custom solutions, akin to my approach to my sculptural and decorative works.  

I can customize just about any aspect of my products, including virtually all the hardware (as I source my components directly).

I’d be delighted to discuss your own lighting vision! Please Contact me at your convenience.


This simple 2-tone pendant lamp features striking cobalt blue glass framed with clear.


This commission piece showcases multiple colour application and custom tubing and an elegant 4-fixture “chandelier”.

Elegance in simplicity:  This large pendant lamp uses merely clear glass with a bit of black accent for added interest.


Large teal coloured pendant lamps:


These small teal-coloured pendant lamps have colour-coordinated fabric lamp cord.

More to follow ….

I welcome your comments!