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Cube Floor Lamp

Be sure to check out “The Making Of …” this work.


Simple in overall shape, this cube-like lamp design is all about the glass – the rich, dramatic textured hand-rolled variations in greens, blood-browns, caramels, and white (note the mottled effect in some of the glass – it’s wonderful).  You’ll see that Greg has utilized this form factor before.

Pre-cut glass of this nature is a work of art in itself – it’s almost a shame to work it into another form!  Which is why you’ll notice larger swaths of colour accentuate naturally-forming ebbs and flows of both.  There are no “random” shapes in these panels: colour and texture choices interweave to create a dramatic presentation, celebrating the glass.

The video clip below the slideshow reveals in motion this flow between each panel – delicious!

River Flows Through It


Greg made this window panel as the third in the series of gothic church-peaked themed pieces.  It is smaller than the first two, measuring 23 1/2″ x 55 1/2″.

Most notably, it has been selected as a feature branding piece for a King Township community organization for 2009: find out here.

Note post publication:  King WON Communities in Bloom in its category for 2009!  See more here.

Marigold Platters

Vibrant marigold sets the stage with black whispy ribbons and chunky spots for these two platters.

Each piece is: 1) 15″ x 8″ 2) 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″.


This art-deco inspired 21″ “ball” vessel features vivid pastel green, yellow and purple.

The focal triangular 3-colour striping is a complicated effect that ads significant interest to this bold statement piece.


Clear Fissures


This 21″ “ball” vessel features fissure-like breaks through the black backdrop, a fusing technique which stresses the join between the two colours causing this attractive controlled distortion effect.


Gothic Panel No. 1


This is the first of three in the series of gothic church-peaked themed pieces, measuring 31.5″ wide x 69″ high.

The calming colours of the depths of the ocean slowly give way to the hotter, passionate shades of the sun and sky.