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Olive + Blue: 6 Shade Brass Lighting Fixture

I’d been saving this piece of olive coloured fusing glass in my inventory for years, as it has so much character and wonderful depth of colour.  Enough was enough!

For this home I married the olive with blue enhancements to compliment the olive paint and blue in the heirloom painting in the living room adjacent to this Ottawa kitchen.

This custom fixture is all my design, with brass hardware sourced and assembled by me.

Would you like one for yourself?  Feel free to Contact me.


This very exciting new piece uses a new technique I have developed, forcing the glass to take on a distressed, crinkled look, as if it was a piece of stiff cloth balled up and then folded out again.

Synapse is 24″ x 23″ x 3″.

Several shades of blues and greens on the black background are enhanced by the clear circular and cracked features (reminding me of nerve synapses – though it’s whatever you want it to be!), another new technique I am perfecting with the success of Trinitas, Cosmos Sculpture and Cosmos Sculpture II.



I made Synapse to be mounted and displayed on a light coloured wall.  It is ready for invisible mounting with included hardware.

Some kudos are due here: Many thanks to my good friend and professional photographer Robert Brown for making Synapse look so good in pictures!

Something Blue Too


Mariner Blue opalescent glass forms the lovely light blue shade;  medium cathedral blue (transparent) weaves a whimsical striping effect through this elegant fused art-glass platter.

This follow-up work compliments the reviews Greg received on Something Blue.  Greg never duplicates his work but he clearly listened to his customers here: call this colour and style a “limited release”.

Arts Society KingThis work has been donated to the silent auction of this years (2009) Arts Society King Soiree fundraiser on Sunday July 5th and the King Township Museum in King City. Please attend! Make a bid on Something Blue Too (and many other lovely works by other ASK artists). ASK’s website details the wonderful entertainment, food and other attractions at this annual event – this year is expected to out-do all others (Greg will vouch for that). Call Laura at 905.859.0056 ext. 5223; Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Cheque and Cash accepted. Tickets are $75 each; 10% Discount to ASK Members.

Something Blue Too is 16.5″  x 16.5″.