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Cool Bi-Shade Sconces

(Circa 1998)

This two-sconce set possesses unique stained glass shades, two in each fixture. The fixture bases were custom adapted by Greg to accommodate the lamps.

Cool blue, plumb and green shades provide for a striking ensemble of colour, within each shade and reflected off the surrounding wall surface.

20″ wide x 12″ high x 15″ deep.

Note:  See the updated versions of these sconce lights here:
Gothic Sconce Lamps — Gone Brass!

Star-Moon Sconce

A striking accent to an entranceway or hallway.

Approximately 12″ wide x 8″ high x 7″ deep.

Cube Floor Lamp (The Making Of)

See the completed work here.


This is a striking lamp made from all hand-rolled glass (mostly Uroboros) in the copper-foil method.  Lead came is used around the perimeter of both ends for a more finished look and for a small degree of shock protection.

The following Slideshow documents the basic steps in its construction and below that I have embedded a four-clip short Videoshow of some basic techniques used.

Learning the making of an artwork can stimulate one’s appreciation for it and for this exciting and stimulating medium in general- that is my goal here – enjoy!