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Trinitas: Collaboration with Ernestine Tahedl with “pARTners” O.A.C. Programme

Fellow King artist Ernestine Tahedl and I produced a collaborative fused glass sculpture as part of a premiere developmental programme developed and sponsored by the Ontario Arts Society and the Woodstock Gallery.

It was held:

Saturday November 19th, 2:00 pm
The Woodstock Art Gallery
449 Dundas Street
(click for map here)
(click here for invitation)

The programme saw multiple venues for exhibit, including the Aurora Cultural Centre and the John B. Aird Gallery in Toronto.

Click here for the full tour schedule.

But in addition: The City of Woodstock was be celebrating the official opening of the new Woodstock Gallery at this venue. City, Federal and Provincial representatives who funded this new, world-class cultural asset will be on hand for the plaque unveiling.

The image below of Trinitas was the first released image of our work, to compliment the two images published in the catalogue.

Ernestine prepared a full colour catalogue for the tour that could be viewed free and purchased online, or at the launch.

Click here to review the book or view it here:

I prepared a separate post that talks in some detail with images about the programme and our test sculpture “Two Solitudes” that resulted in “Trinitas”. Click here to read it.

We’re happy to say that Two Solitudes sold at the recent Schomberg Village Street Gallery to a private collector. The original intent for pARTners was for all ten collaborative pieces to be auctioned at the Woodstock launch; it was decided that ownership would stay with the artists.

Trinitas is available for sale directly from us, including the custom mirrored base that supports the pieces.

An individual work of all artists tours with the show. In my case, Deco! (click here for more on this piece) was also on display, and is available for sale.


Enjoy the slideshow below showing some images of Ernestine and me, and of Trinitas in creation.

Two Solitudes: Tahedl-Locke Collaborative Sculpture


I’ve been most privileged to be paired with renowned King artist Ernestine Tahedl (RCA, OSA) in a collaborative programme created by the OSA and the Woodstock Gallery, called “pARTners”.

Ernestine has long been an active,  strong supporter of the arts. She has quite an artistic history and a stunning portfolio of works, including stained glass and acrylic paintings. You can see more on her and her work here:

Ernestine Tahedl Web Site

Ernestine Tahedl at Trias Gallery

Her early involvement with stained glass comes full-circle as she is now experimenting in fused glass with me, techniques that were largely unavailable in the 1960’s. The 2-piece sculpture you see here is a product of our experimentation with integrating Japanese paper into our required work. This “test” piece inspired us to go further with this inclusion technique.

I couldn’t write enough about how we’ve enjoyed working together!  Ernestine’s well-honed skills in colour, mood and composition have influenced me greatly.  Her passion for creating new works is a joy to behold and share.  Ernestine loved the ability to use various frits (ground glass) as paint: the vibrancy of colour is hard to duplicate in acrylic or oil.  I’m sure she’ll continue in fused glass for this reason alone (and the freedom and joy of sculptural shape).

Here’s Ernestine on our work together:

I am delighted to add a few comments to our collaboration, which it really is and was Greg’s expertise and technical know-how that kept me on the straight and narrow, although I did manage to disturbe the order of his studio and his way of working.   I think both of us have taken away a wonderful experience of respecting the other’s creativity and talents and are so enriched by it. Yes I think I have been very much taken by this work and I am afraid Greg will see me more often destroying his order …. Enjoy the sculpture.



I can tell you it’s even more stunning than our “test” piece here and leverages the techniques we learned from it.

And … you can buy it! It will be auctioned on November 19th to fund the pARTners programme for future years. At this time all 10 teams’ collaborative works will be revealed (plus a piece on display from each artist).

Public exhibition is integral to pARTners: Besides our opening at the Woodstock Gallery, all works will tour through much of 2012 at public and private galleries (some T.B.A.), including the Aurora Cultural Centre and the John B. Aird Gallery in Toronto


Learn more about the pARTners programme here.
Greg Locke and Ernestine Tahedl Article in Tapestry


Tapestry Magazine Fall 2011

The collaborative “test” piece made by Greg and renowned King artist Ernestine Tahedl is profiled as part of the “pARTners” OSA and Woodstock Gallery sponsored programme. Click here for the article.