King Blooms Banner 2009

Greg’s River Flows Through It (2001) has been selected as the 2009 branding piece of King Blooms, King Township’s organizing committee of the national Communities in Bloom organization.

Greg with River Flows Through It and King Blooms Banner 2009
King Weekly published an interview with Greg on his inspiration for River Flows Through It, used as the King Blooms Banner 2009.

The image below is a sample banner for this year’s organization – it will hang on light standards in all major towns across King Township to promote awareness of this campaign from May through October.

On the request of the King Blooms Committee, Arts Society King (ASK)  selects one piece of art each year from a King Township artist, preferably from a medium not featured previously.  This will be the fourth year ASK has been, well, “asked” to perform this duty.

ASK’s Board was impressed by the work’s metaphors of the history of our rural area (by the gothic window shape); the natural colours utilized to convey a sense of our community’s passion for nature and preservation; and the flowing clear bands of glass signifying the interrelationships, power and beauty between them.

Greg is delighted to have this work featured so predominantly within King for the majority of 2009.

See River Flows Through It here. See the full banner image below and further down, the Banners proudly displayed on Main St. Schomberg.


10 thoughts on “King Blooms Banner 2009”

  1. Congratulations Greg. What an honour! Great exposure for your work and business. I look forward to seeing them.

  2. Wow, Greg, what a wonderful honour! I have been watching your progress on your blog. Congratulations, your art glass is amazing!
    Deb XoX

  3. Hi Greg,

    The banner looks amazing, what a wonderful honor to have your design choosen. I love it!

  4. Hi Greg,
    The banner is a wonderful in colour, design and theme! A great honour and a wonderful show-piece. I of course will need to score a banner somehow…!

  5. The banners just went up yesterday!

    They look fabulous … see the photo above from Main St. Schomberg.

    This will be the year King Township wins!!

  6. Hi, Joanne,

    Thanks for your kind words!

    Speaking of water, this year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Humber River being designated a UNESCO Heritage river. Yup. A river definitely “flows through [us]”. You can read up on it here if you are interested.

    Cheers – Greg

  7. Hi Greg!
    It is such an honour for you to be displayed all over the township.. Well done!! It really shows the interrelationships of the earth that we must focus on to make an environmental difference… crucial!! Many people are focussed on the oil problems, and Canadians, especially, don’t realize the significance of water.. the most precious resource of all!!!

  8. This is quite an honour for me!

    Thank you ASK and King Blooms Organizing Committee.

    I can’t wait to see what this banner will look like, hanging along the main streets of the villages and towns of King Township!

    They will be ready on or prior to the Schomberg Fair and the May long weekend. They’ll be visible right through the Fall of this year.

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