River Flows Through It


Greg made this window panel as the third in the series of gothic church-peaked themed pieces.  It is smaller than the first two, measuring 23 1/2″ x 55 1/2″.

Most notably, it has been selected as a feature branding piece for a King Township community organization for 2009: find out here.

Note post publication:  King WON Communities in Bloom in its category for 2009!  See more here.

3 thoughts on “River Flows Through It”

  1. I’m particularly proud of this piece at a technical level, for I cut all the glass with a hand glass cutter.

    If you look at the flowing clear “river”, the tight circular inside cuts tested my cutting skills. Many glass artisans would use a modern “ring saw” that can cut any line almost no matter how acute (I didn’t have one at that time – and I still don’t).

    The various green shades worked particularly well here against the blue framework of the window. In the morning sun they are brilliant.

  2. Hi, Les,

    This work is for sale. Feel free to contact me by telephone or email and I’m happy to discuss it with you.

    For the time being I’ve decided not to post prices from my available collection on this (new – as of March 23rd) web site. I’m not trying to keep secrets; just that due to the dollar values involved I’ve realized from my “old” site that I can’t expect to negotiate a piece’s sale without the purchaser experiencing it in person.

    For this work in particular, as you likely read its image is being licensed by me to promote this year’s King Blooms campaign in King Township, running from May until October. I’m anticipating extra interest in this work as a result.

    Thanks for your inquiry and I hope to discuss it with you further.

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