Cube Floor Lamp

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Simple in overall shape, this cube-like lamp design is all about the glass – the rich, dramatic textured hand-rolled variations in greens, blood-browns, caramels, and white (note the mottled effect in some of the glass – it’s wonderful).  You’ll see that Greg has utilized this form factor before.

Pre-cut glass of this nature is a work of art in itself – it’s almost a shame to work it into another form!  Which is why you’ll notice larger swaths of colour accentuate naturally-forming ebbs and flows of both.  There are no “random” shapes in these panels: colour and texture choices interweave to create a dramatic presentation, celebrating the glass.

The video clip below the slideshow reveals in motion this flow between each panel – delicious!

One thought on “Cube Floor Lamp”

  1. Greg,

    Thanks for making this gem for us! It sits by the corner window of our condo and you can see its rainbow colours shine through from the street below. It was a great investment for us and we have had many comments on it from visitors… and we think a few envious ones as well!

    Cheers. Mike and Kristi

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