Apparent Movement

Link to Apprent Movement - the finished work by Greg Locke at Gotham Glassworks

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A mesmerizing glass sculpture! Grenadine red and clear glass with black streams project dramatic ebb and flow.

Multiple firings produced layered texture effects that display subtle variety up close and add overall drama to the work.  Each piece uniquely flows into the next, forming a closed loop.

Apparent Movement was commissioned by York Region Arts Council, chaired by Wendy Fairbairn, and displayed to media and presented on December 17th at the newly renovated Lebovic Centre at “19 on the Park” in Stouffville, Ontario.

The six-piece fused glass commissioned work was designed to be as “one” for only a short time.  Six key individuals received each piece by Wendy, a gesture to recognize and thank them for their contribution and dedication to a great and exciting cause, including:

Bill Fisch – York Region Chair

Ian Proudfoot – Vice President & Regional Publisher, York Region Media Group

Lina Bigioni – Director of Government Relations and Executive Assistant to Chair Bill Fisch

Debra Weller – Marketing Director, York Region Media Group

Nancy Bodi – Executive Director, York Region Arts Council

Ernestine Tahedl Ogilvy – King Township artist and organizer of the fine art show and sale at the Chairman’s Gala

Chair Fisch previously announced that his Foundation will provide $125,000 in operating funds directly to the newly formed York Region Arts Council (YRAC) for 2010 and an additional $125,000 in bursary funds for individual visual and performing York Region artists, to be administered by YRAC.

October’s Chairman of the Arts Gala raised over $250,000 for York Region Chair Bill Fisch’s foundation, in partnership with York Region Media Group, championed by Vice-President Ian Proudfoot.  Each recipient dedicated substantial amounts of time and resources to ensure the Gala’s success; the YRAC board wanted to show its appreciation to these key stakeholders and organizers of this inaugural event.

In conceiving of this work, Greg desired to represent the lasting, mystical beauty and interconnectedness of the many arts communities within York Region by the ebbs and flows of each piece’s design:

“Each piece is unique and joined they reveal a larger, more subtle theme: the sum of its parts is greater than the whole. This can be said of York Region Arts Council’s mandate to support performing and visual arts across York Region, enhanced by York’s municipalities and its diverse arts-based organizations and groups.
The long term impact of the arts on our community at large is well documented and recognized by Chair Fisch;  his bursary programme will support individual artists’ dreams at a critical stage in their growth.”

Each piece within Apparent Movement is 19 inches wide, 12 inches high and 5 inches deep, engraved and dated 2009 by Greg Locke.

Displayed end-to-end, the complete sculpture is just over 9 feet wide.

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5 thoughts on “Apparent Movement”

  1. Dear Greg,

    It is a great pleasure to have one of the pieces of your creation in our home. It was such a surprise for me to be honoured with this beauteful work, I will treasure it.

    As we work in the same medium I hope you know that I understand what it takes to create such intricate work. I think it is most successful and I am looking forward to see more of your work.

    Ernestine Tahedl, rca

  2. Dear Greg,
    Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your work of art. One of my daughters keeps telling me “if it is missing one day I will know where to go and view it” I know your heart and soul went in to this piece and that makes it extra special to have in my home. Thanks again for sharing your talent.

  3. What an honour it was to receive one of your pieces of art. It is truly beautiful and displayed in our dining room overlooking the forest. A great reminder of the friendships and hard work of the other five recipients. Continued success Greg. You are talented!

  4. This art work is absolutely stunning. I am absolutely delighted to have received it and know that Greg put incredible effort and passion into making it. This gorgeous piece is sitting on a mantel in front of a window in my living room – it is just beatiful. Greg is exceptionally talented.

  5. Having seen your work up close and in person — I can only say that the pictures & video do not reflect the true beauty of your work Greg!

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