Passion Red!

This is a delightful series I made for the 3rd annual Schomberg Village Street Gallery that I co-chair with my good friend and photographer Tom Wray.

The photos don’t do justice to the intensity and character of this red! This red is sexy and passionate and intense: a bold statement, no holding back, no apologies, thank you.

Red is becoming increasingly expensive as a raw material for me as not only is gold one of its components, strychnine is a by-product making this colour increasingly difficult, if not banned in some jurisdictions, to manufacture.

So I’ve been holding onto this piece and in thinking of a new, exciting series to dazzle visitors to this year’s show, my inspiration came very naturally for this under-stated and elegant set.

I want the red to speak for itself! Sometimes I want my technique and glass cutting skills to be the Wow Factor.

But in times like this, I’m all about the glass. Not only is this semi-transparent red vibrant, it contains wonderful whisps of shading that you get lost in.

My black whimsical bands are produced using some of the same red to create the “fingerprint” pattern throughout. The clear glass that surrounds each band makes them “float” within each piece.

I’m very happy how all these techniques came together! Bold and bright, yet elegant and under-stated.

The large round ball surface” piece is 21″ in diameter.
Square decorative platter: 18″ x 18″
Rectangular decorative platters: 15″ x 7″

Note: All pieces are food friendly (platters are great for sushi!) though I design them as fine art pieces, ready for display.


3 thoughts on “Passion Red!”

  1. Sultry! These have a lot of movement and energy. Beautiful work. I look forward to seeing them together.

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