Inspired I – Abstract Sculpture

I am once again delighted to (finally!) broadcast my success in creating this very inspirational (hence the name) abstract sculpture.  And what a sculpture it is – truly innovative and one-of-a-kind.   Large, bold and colourful: you get lost gazing at the overall effect this piece has on you; yet there is intricacy and detail to delight your discerning eye.

In case the images don’t convey it:  This is a large work: 3 feet x 2 feet, and with a depth of 4 inches.

Inspired I

I rarely post such large images of my work, but I made an exception above.

My vision was to build upon the success of Cosmos Sculpture II with the “wet crinkled fabric” look of Synapse.  I have much enjoyed the use of my custom “wave” molds for several of my sculptural pieces to date (and I shall continue to use them).  Yet I want to also create truly random, unstructured sculptural forms.  Inspired I (and its more opaque companion piece Inspired II) hits this vision on the mark. It looks as though I wrung it out to dry, crinkled, distressed and full of character; this despite the layers of colour and texture I have woven into the surface already.

Inspired I
Inspired I is most brilliant hanging in a window, but is also lovely hanging on a wall surface with a light background or soft backlighting (mounting can be achieved in several ways – please ask me).

Photographing my transparent and opaque work is not an easy task, as I discovered once I started to blog about my work.  Everybody tells me how much more exciting my work is in person!  You will no doubt notice a difference with these images!

These images were produced for me by my good friend and skilled professional photographer Robert Brown, of Robert Brown Photography.

Enjoy the photos below.  Inspired is for sale – please Contact me for details.

Below is a short High Definition quality video I took of this work in the window of my studio (still warm from the kiln no doubt). The morning sun was at a perfect angle to illuminate the wonderment of its colours. It’s somewhat “raw” but I can’t deny it captures the enormous character of this piece.

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