Inspired II – Abstract Sculpture

My joy in creating Inspired I made me immediately curious what such a unique piece would look like using a dark opaque background.  Inspired II is the result.

In case the images don’t convey it:  This is a large work: 3 feet x 2 feet, and with a depth of 4 inches.

Inspired II is meant to hang on a wall surface with soft spotlighting. Mounting can be achieved in several ways – please ask me.

Inspired II

Photographing my transparent and opaque work is not an easy task, as I discovered once I started to blog about my work. Everybody tells me how much more exciting my work is in person!  You will no doubt notice a difference with these images!

Inspired IIThese images were produced for me by my good friend and skilled professional photographer Robert Brown, of Robert Brown Photography in Kettleby, Ontario (not far from my studio in Schomberg).  Bob, you really captured the essence and spirit of this piece – thank you!  I highly recommend Bob:  his specialty is portraiture, but clearly he has an eye for work like mine, and more.

Inspired II is most definitely for sale – please Contact me for details.

I welcome your comments!