Rolling Wine Country – Reloaded

OK – so now I admit it:  Rolling Wine Country (R.W.C.) took a Humpty-Dumpty fall last year when Tracy and I came home late one evening to find this lovely piece (one of the select few I display in our home) shattered on the floor of our dining room.

Seems two of our family of adorable (most of the time) cats had likely been playing and knocked it to the floor.  I was heartbroken.  I LOVE(ed) this piece. It fit our dining room decor to a “T”. Well, you may or may not agree as we live in a heritage home – and R.W.C. was quite contemporary. But I need not digress here – except to say our Heritage home was Tracy’s idea).

Rolling Wine Country - Reloaded

R.W.C. was literally a basket case for about a year until I decided I could give it a new life, seeing that I have developed some new techniques that could take advantage of the lovely raw material our cats left in their path of destruction.

So here we have it:  “R.W.C. – Reloaded“!   And guess what?  It resides in the same room it lost its first life in (until it’s sold; oh yes, did I mention it’s for sale?).

Rolling Wine Country Reloaded is a most whimsical hanging fused glass sculptural art work. It measures in at 20: x 28″ x 4” and is ready for wall or window hanging, “invisible” hardware included.

You will have noticed I have made a few pieces with this unique method of bending the glass so that it appears so naturally warped and twisted like a rescued crumpled sheet of paper.

Rolling Wine Country - Reloaded

My photos here can’t do this piece justice (unlike the professional photos I have had taken of some of my other recent works including Synapse).

Enjoy the slideshow below. 

Below is a short High Definition quality video I took of this work in a window of my home. It’s somewhat “raw” but it helps to convey the wonderful character of this piece.

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  1. I had a visceral response — ice, snow, life, passion. Out of the ruins a beauty. Well done.

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