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This very exciting new piece uses a new technique I have developed, forcing the glass to take on a distressed, crinkled look, as if it was a piece of stiff cloth balled up and then folded out again.

Synapse is 24″ x 23″ x 3″.

Several shades of blues and greens on the black background are enhanced by the clear circular and cracked features (reminding me of nerve synapses – though it’s whatever you want it to be!), another new technique I am perfecting with the success of Trinitas, Cosmos Sculpture and Cosmos Sculpture II.



I made Synapse to be mounted and displayed on a light coloured wall.  It is ready for invisible mounting with included hardware.

Some kudos are due here: Many thanks to my good friend and professional photographer Robert Brown for making Synapse look so good in pictures!

“Cosmos” Sculpture

The only way to describe this self-standing sculpture is to look at it (my written description is failing!)

I made this sculpture specifically for display and sale at my PRAXIS Gallery show in Toronto’s Queen St. West arts district (running through to December 31, 2011).

This piece is based on the success of Trinitas, a 3-piece sculpture I made with fellow friend and King Township artist Ernestine Tahedl, now on display and for sale at the new Woodstock Gallery until January 15, 2012.

You can merely drive by PRAXIS Gallery at 1614 Queen St. West (in Parkdale at Sorauren), day or night, and see them for yourself. (Click here for map to gallery).

Below is a slideshow of the sculpture. I can assure you it is even more mesmerizing in person!

THIS PIECE IS NOW SOLD! I make much of my work custom so please Contact me if you like this piece.

Hot N Spicy (The Making Of)

See the completed work here.


It is my hope to have sparked your curiousity as I have progressed through to completion of this work.

This is one of my fused art glass “panels”.  I would normally say “window panel” but this one uses opalescent (non-transparent) glass: it will dazzle your eyes illuminated hanging on a wall.

This work is approximately 3 feet tall x 2 feet wide. I love being able to say these dimensions because I invested in a kiln that would allow such a large piece! (Many kilns for this purpose are much smaller.) For those of you who know me, you know that one of my mottos is “go big or go home”!

I have made a stunning colourful piece here; full of passion, even lustful in its attempt to display the full richness of these marigold, orange and flaming red hues on black fissures. They are bright and rich and deep in their own right; they require light to reflect off of them, not through them.